Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Hello everybody and welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Twitterings! You tirelessly tweeted from bachelor parties, family reunions, dance parties and of course, the beach. Here's what you had to say:

Now that's a "cleanse" we can get behind.

Yep, Har Mar reads LOL/OMG.


We would SO watch this show.

He's a man of many talents!

Can you say LOUD?

And we're so coming.

You gotta love a good family get together.

You tell 'em girl!

You never know...

That's got to be ironic.

Is that modern parenting?


Hello, Best of Craigslist?


That's our girl Vanessa Messersmith, co-owner of Blacklist Vintage btw!

Same here.

And Triple Tweet of the Week goes to Ben Reeves who went to geek heaven (read Comic Con ) this weekend:

Submitted by @marrina

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